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Please view information, links and announcements below regarding COVID-19.

Please view information, links and announcements below regarding COVID-19.

MiCare latest update on COVID-19 for Victorian residential aged care homes


Dear Elders and families, staff, and volunteers


We are pleased to advise that at the time of this communication no MiCare homes are classified as either an exposure or outbreak site.

With the community cases continuing to evolve we remain vigilant with our visitation; however we are confident that from Wednesday 30th March 2022 the following visitation and entry requirements can apply.


Visiting and Volunteering whilst we are NOT under the direction of the relevant Public Health Unit.


Visitors and volunteers must make a booking with the reception staff to visit between 10am to 3pm Monday-Sunday.


Additional Requirements

Visitors must provide proof of vaccination by way of:

Visitors with a Legally approved Covid 19 vaccination exemption will be permitted under the same rules as a vaccinated visitor.

There are also longer visits to comfort and support the Elder during active palliation and these visits must be approved by the Residential Manager.



Visiting Elders in palliative care

Personal protective equipment, as required will be worn at all times while providing comfort and support during active palliation. Staff will support with this requirement.


Visiting under Partners in Care Agreement

Personal protective equipment, as required will be worn at all times whilst providing assistance under the partners in care agreement to Elder. Staff will support with this requirement.


Unvaccinated visitors

Are NOT permitted in the home, however we can arrange window visits during business hours, visits may be booked by calling the reception staff.


Our Entry Screening Protocols remain

The entry screening protocols will continue with the addition of the undertaking a Rapid Antigen Test, and providing proof of vaccination status by showing the receptionist or person at the entrance of the Home.

We also encourage you to arrange a digital visit which you can do by calling and booking with reception staff.

Please stay safe and well.





Translated coronavirus (COVID-19) resources 

A list of resources about COVID-19 in other languages.  The resources include fact sheets, guidelines, and other publications. You can also view SBS's COVID-19 videos in various languages here

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To view all translated resources, please click here




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