Residential Aged Care

When you walk into one of our residential aged care homes, there’s a good chance that the first thing you’ll hear is laughter.

We encourage our residents to enjoy every day, to celebrate what they are capable of doing at their age, rather than worry about what they can no longer manage. Our staff work with the same residents all the time, so there are genuine relationships, often developed over years. At MiCare, we feel strongly that our Elders should feel at home where they live. This is a place of calling each other by first names, telling stories, of encouraging pets, plants, children, and family to be part of the environment. Many of our staff members are multi-lingual, to communicate with our many migrant Elders. They don’t wear uniforms, they wear everyday clothes, and none of this is accidental. We don’t want the Elders to feel like they’re being nursed. We want them to feel like they’re living their lives, in a shared, rich place with cultural recognition and with as much freedom and expression as possible.

Of course, we never lose sight of the care required as our resident’s age and their bodies or minds begin to fail. Our homes provide both low and high care accommodation, and ‘aging in place. Respite, dementia, and palliative care are all offered but not in a way that removes our Elders from their familiar surroundings. Instead, we adjust the level of care, according to the resident’s needs, while retaining the physical familiarity and emotional support of their MiCare home.

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Schedule of Fee’s & Charges

Overbeek Lodge

Our homes provide care and accommodation  for dementia and palliative care. Overbeek Lodge is just down the road from Margriet Manor, on Mt Dandenong Road, Kilsyth. The two residential homes are similar in services, space, and ambience, with the main attribute, always being genuine care. We value companionship, laughter, and compassion when it comes to looking after our resident Elders.

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Margriet Manor

Our homes provide care and accommodation, for dementia, and palliative care.  Near the base of the Dandenong ranges, filled with light and air, and surrounded by the Australian bush, Margriet Manor sits on Mt Dandenong Road, Kilsyth.

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Avondrust Lodge

We have dedicated staff working in the same households to ensure they develop and foster genuine relationships with our Elders. MiCare Avondrust Lodge is an aged care reimaged, offering a three-story luxurious aged care residence in the heart of Carrum Downs. Carrum Downs is situated halfway between the thriving, multicultural city of Dandenong and the beach-side city of Frankston, the gateway to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

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Prins Willem Alexander Lodge

Pets, family, and even your favorite plants are all welcome so that the Prins Willem Alexander Lodge feels genuinely like the place you belong.

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I would like to thank you and MiCare for giving me this opportunity to have a laptop to study the IT program as I will start the course soon. The course will be two days in the class face to face and two days online so it helps me saving time to study at home instead of going to the library.

~ Hanan khorsheed

Migrant Services

“Your activism inspires me to not just participate in activism but to be an activist in my own community and support women to live in a world free from violence”

~Liliane, Community leader for Burundian Cultural Ladies of Victoria. Participated in MFVCovid 19 project 2021


Avondrust Lodge

The new friends I have made, in both Elders and staff, has made it easier for me in my new home. The staff are such beautiful people; I feel very lucky.

~Elder Maria P, Avondrust Lodge- Carrum Downs

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