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Home Care

Stay in your own home for as long as you are able. We can help.

Our difference

At MiCare, we understand your culture and why you want to be among people who speak your language. We know how important it is to be understood and so we match staff to your language and cultural needs. Almost all our staff speak another language and have a non-English speaking background, so let’s discuss your language and cultural heritage, so we can work to support you.

If your home is the place you want to be

At MiCare, we offer a range of services to help you live at home independently. We understand how important it is for you to keep doing things for yourself and will be guided by you as to how much care and support you would like. 

When it comes to case management, you decide how much help you need organising and booking your services, all listed in what we call your ‘care plan’.

Home Care Packages

The Australian Government provides funding for Home Care packages and the approach of choice and flexibility is called Consumer Directed Care (CDC). There are four levels of Home Care Packages, from 1 being the lowest level of services to 4 being the highest.  At MiCare, we can provide care and services for all levels of Home Care Packages.


At MiCare, we do not charge the basic daily fee. 

What is a Home Care budget?

Your budget is the amount of money available to you from the Australian Government for your Home Care Package. This money can be used for a variety of services, including case management. MiCare can provide you with a statement that shows what your choices of services will cost. The statement lists income and planned spending and can also include an amount for contingencies such as emergencies and unplanned services.

Your individual statement of spending, your budget is provided to you on a monthly basis and will show how much money you have spent for the month and how much you have left to spend. A personalised budget will help you to choose the best services to make it easier for you to stay at home.

How does a Consumer Directed Care package work?

Once you have an assessment for a Home Care Package from an Aged Care Assessment Team, you can phone MiCare and ask to speak with the Home Care Case Manager. An appointment will be made for a Case Manager to visit you at home. Together with the Case Manager, you can choose which services best suit your needs and these services will be listed in your care plan. 

Fee For Service

Even if you’re not eligible or not interested in any of the Home care options above, you should know that MiCare offers a more casual, as-needed support program,

 in home care and personal care.  You might want one off or occasional help with such tasks as cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, assistance with bathing, showering, personal hygiene and toileting, transport or and other support services such as pet care or meal delivery. 

Our extensive services can be combined or used separately; the choice is yours.  

Hourly charges apply and an additional charge is incurred for services after business hours and on weekends. 

MiCare after hours

Why does anything that can go wrong usually happen after most businesses are closed for the day? Not at MiCare! Our After Hours Service operates from 5.00 pm through to 9.00 am the following day and is available 24 hours per day on weekends and public holidays.

Home care package (HCP)

Types of care



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