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The Value of an effective Buddy

At any organisation, assigning an effective Buddy is integral to the successful on-boarding of the new employees because starting a new position can be a steep learning curve.

In line with best practice Human Resources, the Buddy acts as an ambassador for the organisation, providing a safe and comfortable space for the new employee to ask questions as they familiarise themselves with their new role.  The hiring Manager’s choice of Buddy is essentially as crucial as the hiring decision itself. The Buddy that is chosen is normally an experienced, positive, and highly regarded member of the workforce that has a solid understanding of the organisation’s mission and values.

The buddy is usually a peer of the new incumbent and already highly skilled and knowledgeable in their role.  They effectively support the new employee by:

  • Helping to provide clarity about the role and answering questions
  • Imparting their organisational experience and knowledge
  • Explaining how to use office equipment/ log onto the system etc
  • Showing work instructions, policies, procedures
  • Familiarising them with health and safety
  • Involving them in social activities, such as lunch or coffee breaks to help with the building of important relationships in the workplace

The value of an effective Buddy is in their ability to successfully accelerate the connection between the new employee and our organisation.  They form a key part of our on-boarding program.


Melita Virginie, HR Advisor

I would like to thank you and MiCare for giving me this opportunity to have a laptop to study the IT program as I will start the course soon. The course will be two days in the class face to face and two days online so it helps me saving time to study at home instead of going to the library.

~ Hanan khorsheed

Migrant Services

“Your activism inspires me to not just participate in activism but to be an activist in my own community and support women to live in a world free from violence”

~Liliane, Community leader for Burundian Cultural Ladies of Victoria. Participated in MFVCovid 19 project 2021


Avondrust Lodge

The new friends I have made, in both Elders and staff, has made it easier for me in my new home. The staff are such beautiful people; I feel very lucky.

~Elder Maria P, Avondrust Lodge- Carrum Downs

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