Moving into an Aged Care facility

It is often a period of incredible change as the Elder is moving away from family, friends, and carers...

Moving into an Aged Care facility

Deciding to move into an aged care residential home can be challenging and daunting.  It is often a period of incredible change as the Elder is moving away from family, friends, and carers.

Elders and families usually begin to investigate options when the need arises, but it may make the journey a little easier by knowing in advance some of the steps you may be taking.

How to get in touch with an Admissions officer?

Families can gain contact with the Admissions Officer in a variety of ways. Sometimes a hospital social worker will provide them with these details or make an inquiry on behalf of the family. In another scenario, families could reach out to an Aged Care Placement Consultant to assist them in finding a suitable home for their loved one, who in turn will contact the Admissions Officer. Some families know MiCare because they live locally or have had a friend or family member in care with us.  Some are affiliated with MiCare through a Home Care Package and need some further support.

Either way, the provision of information that is easy to understand is of the utmost importance to minimise the stress involved and to ensure the transition into care is a positive experience.

What services and care are available?

Initial discussions are about the care and needs of the Elder to determine if we have a suitable vacancy available for them. This usually involves access to the Elders Aged Care Assessment that has been previously prepared by the Aged Care Assessment Service.

We also discuss the care and services that MiCare can provide and arrange a time for the family to tour the home. At this point, there is plenty of opportunity for the family to ask questions about activities in the home, the menu choices as well as the medical and nursing care. Diverse needs may be discussed, and support is always offered.

What is the cost and process of admission in an Aged Care facility?

Families usually have a lot of questions about the Aged Care Fees and Charges. This can be a complex discussion, especially if the family has not had any previous experiences with Aged Care.

My role, as the Admission Officer, is to ensure the family understands the fees and charges, and the documentation they need to provide and to help with completing the application.

The final steps

Within MiCare, the Admissions Officer and the Manager of the home determine the most suitable room available for the Elder and an admission date that works for both the family and the Elder.

The Admissions Officer remains a contact for the family to come back to if they have any issues or any questions even after the admission.


If you would like more information, I would welcome your call or email on mobile 0498 818 045 and email


~ Susan Caithness 

Admission officer

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The new friends I have made, in both Elders and staff, has made it easier for me in my new home. The staff are such beautiful people; I feel very lucky.

~Elder Maria P, Avondrust Lodge- Carrum Downs

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