MiCare Ltd announces Jos van de Ven as the new Chairperson as Ignatius Oostermeyer steps down

THANK YOU for Ignatius, WELCOME for Jos

MiCare Ltd announces Jos van de Ven as the new Chairperson as Ignatius Oostermeyer steps down

MiCare Ltd today announces the appointment of Jos van de Ven as the new Chairperson.

His predecessor, Ignatius Oostermeyer, has been with MiCare for 24 years and 14 years in the role of Chairperson.


Jos van de Ven

I would like to introduce you to MiCare’s new chairperson.  Jos has been a board member of MiCare since 2017. Before that, he was a board member of the Netherlands Retirement Village Association of Queensland from 2010. He has qualifications in architecture and project management. Over 45 years he has overseen tertiary, institutional, residential, and commercial building projects of various sizes and value. More recently, he was actively involved in both the extension and refurbishment of Prince Willem Alexander Lodge and Avondrust Lodge.

He generously donates his time to MiCare’s property issues as well as the Finance Audit and IT committees in addition to his duties as a board member.

Jos has recently retired and has skills as a professional adviser specific to client physical infrastructure requirements; these may include feasibility studies, documentation overview, contract administration, and interface with consultants and contractors. He has used this knowledge to assist MiCare with its building projects and maintenance to ensure that the living environment of Elders is not only functional but enjoyable. On a personal note, Jos brings experience in chairing meetings from a number of associations including the Brisbane Eisteddfod Inc (performing arts-based competitions) which he has led for 25 years out of its 127 years in existence. His parents were supporters involved in the early years of Prins Willem Alexander Village in Queensland. His wife is an accomplished cake decorator, sugar art modeler, and judge of wedding, celebration, and novelty cakes along with other culinary delights while he is enjoying being “poppy” to 8 grandchildren and a fair share of duties that are a part of family life.


Ignatius Oostermeyer

After 24 plus years with MiCare and its predecessors, I give a special Thank You to Ignatius Oostermeyer on his retirement from the role of director and more importantly his 14 years in the role of Chairperson of MiCare Ltd. Ignatius’ commitment has been outstanding and I will miss the conversations, challenges and calls we have had over the many years.

Ignatius joined the MiCare Board in September 1998. He was appointed Vice President in June 2000 and President in 2009. He is a Barrister and Solicitor and the principal of a commercial and employment law firm.

During his leadership, the organization changed its name from DutchCare to MiCare, (Migrant Care) to ensure its growth, stability, and continued services to the Dutch Community.  To connect with new and emerging migrant groups it merged with the New Hope Foundation in 2015 which provided services to refugee and asylum seekers. A year later it merged with its Brisbane counterpart Prins Willem Alexander Village.

During Ignatius’ leadership, we have seen the development of 741 Apartments, the Avondrust Lodge redevelopment, our expansion into greater cultural diversity, the development of our Community Advisory Committees, the management of our COVID response, and our commitment to eradicating family violence.  His skills in corporate governance, aged and Eldercare, health care, and corporate law greatly assisted MiCare in these endeavors.

For most of his life, Ignatius has worked in public service.  He has strong ethics and works hard to support disadvantaged people in Australia.  In addition to assisting Dutch migrants he has also been involved in many not-for-profit organizations such as those concerned with the welfare of the first peoples of Australia, namely Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders,  He has done so without remuneration, giving generously of his time and legal expertise.

He brings passion, energy, and commitment to everything he does.  As Chair he would devote countless hours contributing to the strategic vision of this innovative service provider which now delivers the highest levels of care to all migrant Australians. The growth and success of the organization is in large measure connected to his service to it. Years of committed service to others is a good life.


I would like to thank you and MiCare for giving me this opportunity to have a laptop to study the IT program as I will start the course soon. The course will be two days in the class face to face and two days online so it helps me saving time to study at home instead of going to the library.

~ Hanan khorsheed

Migrant Services

“Your activism inspires me to not just participate in activism but to be an activist in my own community and support women to live in a world free from violence”

~Liliane, Community leader for Burundian Cultural Ladies of Victoria. Participated in MFVCovid 19 project 2021


Avondrust Lodge

The new friends I have made, in both Elders and staff, has made it easier for me in my new home. The staff are such beautiful people; I feel very lucky.

~Elder Maria P, Avondrust Lodge- Carrum Downs

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