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Training & Support

MiCare will guide you through the orientation and support that is in place for our volunteers.

There is a training program that each volunteer must attend and complete before they participate in home visits. MiCare will provide this training for each person accepted in the program. All applicants need to be aware that a police check is mandatory and will be conducted by MiCare as part of the recruitment process.

Volunteering brings its own rewards

Volunteering is vital to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of organisations like ours. The simplest definition of volunteering is working for a not-for-profit organisation for no pay. It’s a way of becoming involved in a community that needs you in a way that is interesting, personally satisfying and fun.

Volunteering can be formal or informal, full-time or part-time, occasional or even once-off. Whatever type of volunteering you want to do, we would love to have you on our team. At MiCare we rely on volunteers for many things, including support for extended families, fundraising, community building and social networks. These activities are seen as an intrinsic part of belonging to our community.

We would love you to join our family.

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Training & Support
MiCare provides services to people from a range of ethnic backgrounds.