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Home Care

Stay in your own home for as long as you are able. We can help.

The MiCare Difference

MiCare is a smaller individualised specialist home care provider rather than a large. We truly live our values on a daily basis and believe that everyone has ‘an interesting story’. We welcome being part of your life journey.

At MiCare, we understand your culture and why you want to be among people who speak your language. We know how important it is to be understood and so we match staff to your language and cultural needs. Many of our staff speak another language and have a non-English speaking background, so let’s discuss your language and cultural heritage, so we can work to support you.

Although MiCare has facilities to support people who opt for retirement living or need residential care we also have services that come to you in your home. We, at MiCare, understand that people want to remain living at home and are committed to assisting people to maintain their independence and quality of life

MiCare employs its own care workers so that we can ensure the quality of our services. We minimise the number of people you need to talk to by having a service coordination team designated to a particular area. Likewise our team of home care advisors (case managers) have responsibility for clients in their particular area.

Below is a list of home support services MiCare provides, many are funded by the Commonwealth Government but all are also available to you on a private basis.

The following provides general information about the Home Care Package Program as well as how we, at MiCare, feel we can best support you with a range of options. We are very happy to help you with any of or all of the areas outlined below. Just ring us on 1300 064 064 or complete the enquiry form and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible. It’s easy to come on-board or change your Home Care Package to MiCare, we’ll do it for you!

What is a Home Care Package?

The Home Care Packages Program is a government-subsidised program that provides long-term support for older people who want to stay living at home. There are four levels of Home Care Package for different levels of care and support needs. Each level receives a different amount of funding.

Level 1: Supports people with very basic care needs

Level 2: Supports people with low level care needs

Level 3: Supports people with intermediate care needs

Level 4: Supports people with high care needs



In addition to the Home Care Package funds there are some additional funds available to people who are living with dementia, are oxygen dependent or require enteral feeding. There is a Veteran’s supplement for veterans with an accepted mental health condition. Your Home Care Advisor can assist you with this and advise of your eligibility.

Accessing a Home Care Package

The first step is to contact My Aged Care, the Commonwealth Government aged care entry system on 1800 200 422. The My Aged Care contact centre will ask you a series of questions to determine if you need an assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). This assessment is free and conducted in your home by experienced professionals.

Choosing a Service Provider

Once you have been accepted by The Aged Care Assessment Team for a Home Care Package and My Aged Care (Commonwealth Government) has sent you a letter stated that you may now activate your Home Care Package, you can then choose the service provider who you would like to manage it for you. Should MiCare be your choice of provider our process is as follows:

Choosing your level of self management

Your Home Care Advisor will discuss with you the level of control you would prefer to have in managing your Home Care Package. There are 3 levels to choose from:

Your Home Care Package Budget

The level of Home Care Package allocated to you by the government determines the funds available to you. The Commonwealth Government requires that the Home Care Package funds are held by MiCare and that we monitor your budget. We are also required to provide you with a monthly statement that details your income, expenditure and balance available to you.

Unspent funds are carried forward so that you have access to them in the following months and financial year. Should you choose to change to another provider MiCare transfers your funds to the new provider. If you decide to enter residential care the unspent funds are returned to the Commonwealth Government.

A percentage of your Home Care Package is deducted for administration of your package. This covers the costs associated with government reporting, case management (Home Care Advisor), coordination of your services and administrative functions such as reconciliation of invoices. These charges are specified in your monthly budget statement and will depend on the level of self management you choose.

Care and Services

Your MiCare Home Care Advisor will work with you to identify your goals and develop a care plan to best meet your preferences. A copy of your care plan will be provided to you along with your Home Care Package Agreement and budget.

Some of the services that may be funded by your Home Care Package include:

What’s NOT included in a government funded Home Care Package? 

Government packages of any level won’t pay for:

MiCare Direct

MiCare Direct employs qualified carers to provide help to people in their homes. The carers may provide services to you through Commonwealth Government funding such as a Home Care Package or on a private fee for service basis. This service operates 24 hours per day 7 days per week. The services available include:

The MiCare team of carers are all appropriately qualified and complete regular training. Prior to commencing providing care they undergo a mentoring buddy program and thereafter attend scheduled supervision and meetings to ensure they are providing the highest possible standard of care to MiCare clients.

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

MiCare is funded by the Commonwealth Government to provide the Home Support Program.  This is an entry level home help programme for older people who are mostly – but not completely – able to live and cope on their own, and don’t yet need higher levels of support at home. It maybe that you have had an illness or set back and a period of short term support will enable you to recover.

Access to this program is through the My Aged Care contact centre 1800 200 422. You will need a home support assessment to determine your eligibility and the level of support you need.

The services MiCare is funded to deliver through the Commonwealth Home Support Program include:

Personal Care

Private Services

Prefer not to go through My Aged Care? Need more help than you are funded for? Waiting on your Home Care Package approval? You can organise MiCare services without going through My Aged Care. There are no waiting times and you can choose the services you want, when you want them.

The government does not subsidise private services but all MiCare services are available on a private basis and are competitively priced.

Services available:

Private home care is suitable for you if you:


Why would I choose MiCare?

MiCare has been a provider of choice for people from migrant backgrounds in addition to the Anglo-Saxon population for many years. Previously Dutchcare, MiCare was established following the coming together of the Netherland’s Retirement Association and The New Hope Foundation. Our services adapt to your needs and so we have a broad range of options. It maybe that you prefer us to be a back up to you in managing your own package or you may have high needs and want the security of knowing that we are on hand for you. Not being a large organisation our service to you can be personalised which our home care team value greatly.


How do I apply for a government Home Care Package?

  1. As a first step, you need to call My Aged Care (MAC) on 1800 200 422 to register your details and begin the assessment process
  2. My Aged Care will refer you for services straight away if your needs are very basic, or will arrange for you have to have an in-home assessment if your needs are more complex.
  3. If you have been approved for a Home Care Package, you may need to submit an Aged Care Fees Income Assessment Form  to Centrelink.
  4. My Aged Care will send you a letter once you’re Home Care Package has been activated
  5. Choose your service provider, you can nominate MiCare as your preference

 What is the waiting time for Home Care Package?

The waiting time can be lengthy, several weeks to months depending on the waiting list and the urgency of your care needs. MiCare maybe able to support you in the interim through the Commonwealth Home Support Program or you may opt for private services whilst you wait for your approval letter from government. 

What is an ACAS assessment?

ACAS or Aged Care Assessment Service is a government service made up of nurses and other health professionals who are skilled in assessing people’s needs and recommending and approving the best option to support you. 

What is case management?

Case Managers or Home Care Advisors are employed by providers such as MiCare to assist you with navigating the aged care system and overseeing the management of your package. A skilled case manager will focus on the best quality of life for you through competent assessment, planning, coordination, budget management and ongoing oversight

Can I change my Home Care Package to MiCare?

Home Care Package funding is no longer allocated to providers so you are now able to transfer your package to any organisation that is registered with the Commonwealth Government to deliver Home Care Packages. This is not difficult to do and the MiCare team would be happy to walk you through the process.

What is Consumer Directed Care (CDC)?

This simply means that you have the choice and control over the services that are important to you. It is no longer other people determining what they think you ‘should’ have but rather you deciding what will be best for you. Everyone is an individual with personal preferences and CDC respects this.

What fees might I have to pay for a Home Care Package?

The Commonwealth Government stipulates the fees that a Home Care Provider is entitled to charge a recipient of Home Care Package in addition to the package.

  1. Basic daily care fee

This fee may be up to 17.5% of the Aged Care Pension. MiCare has opted NOT to charge this fee.

  1. Exit Fees

Exit fees may apply when transferring your Home Care Package from one provider to another or when you discontinue your Home Care Package. This is to cover the additional administrative costs incurred with reconciling your budget and the transfer of funds. Further information relating to exit amounts is published on the My Aged Care website.

This fee is up to individual providers to set, MiCare exit fees just cover our costs.

  1. Income tested care fee.

This is not optional for Home Care Providers, the government requires that recipients of Home Care Packages whose income is above designated thresholds must pay this co-contribution.

All Home Care Package applicants whose income is higher than the Aged Care Pension must complete a Centrelink form to determine if a fee is applicable and what you would need to pay. Please click here to view the current rates for Income Tested Fees for HCP.

What if I need to contact MiCare after hours?

Why does anything that can go wrong usually happen after most businesses are closed for the day? Not at MiCare! Our After Hours Service operates from 4.00 pm through to 8.00 am the following day and is available 24 hours per day on weekends and public holidays. However for medical emergencies call 000.

Can MiCare provide services to me in my own language?

MiCare specialises in culturally responsive services and care.  As such many of our staff are bilingual and come from different cultural backgrounds. Currently we support people from wide ranging backgrounds including Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Egyptian, Filipino, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Macedonian, Maltese, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Sri Lankan, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. We welcome people from all ethnicities and strive to meet their individual cultural and language needs

What is the difference between a Home Care Package and the Home Support Program?

Home Care Packages support people who require long term care whereas The Home Support Program is time limited basic support to help following for example an illness or hospitalisation. My Aged Care will help you with the most appropriate care for you.

What support is available for Veterans?

Veterans Home Care is funded and organised through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. MiCare is a provider of Veterans Home Care. Veterans are also entitled to access Home Care Packages.

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