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Veterans Home Care

Proudly looking after our veterans 

MiCare loves caring for war veterans. For more than 16 years, we’ve been doing our absolute best to look after those who gave so much when it mattered. We have always worked to individualise our Veterans Home Care Services as much as possible, to meet their particular needs as well as we can. 

Currently, we can offer Domestic Assistance, Home and Garden, In Home Respite, Social Assistance and Personal Care.

These services are all classified as being low level, and are approved through the Veterans Home Care agencies

Most Veterans are expected to make a small co-payment for their service, which is determined by the type of service 

The Domestic Assistance provides support with domestic tasks such as:

household cleaning, dish washing, clothes washing and ironing, bed making, bill paying, shopping for the entitled person, and assistance with meal preparation. It doesn’t include the total preparation of meals, but does assist in maintaining hygiene levels in the veteran’s home.  The time frame for the required services will be determined by a Veterans Home Care Assessor.

Safety Related Home and Garden Maintenance can help with such tasks as:

replacing light bulbs and tap washers, installing batteries in smoke/security alarms, gutter, external and internal window and /or fan cleaning, minor home maintenance (for example, cupboard door adjustment), pruning, grass cutting or weeding where a safety hazard exists, clearing of debris following natural disasters, collection and/or cutting of firewood in rural and remote areas; and/or one-off yard clean up where a safety hazard presents (such as fire reduction or mobility limitation).

Respite Care, which covers three forms of support, for Residential, In-Home and Emergency Short-Term Home Relief.

In-Home Respite is available for when a carer needs a break from the role of looking after a veteran, or for when the veteran is caring for someone and they need a break from the caring role.

Residential Respite provides short-term care in an Australian Government-subsidised aged care facility for veterans being cared for and whose carer is in need of a temporary break from the caring role; or they are self-carers, but in need of respite care, and intend to return to the community.

Emergency Short-Term Home Relief is available for veterans being cared for who face a situation where their carer is suddenly or unexpectedly unable to continue their caring role. (No Co-payment required for IHR)

Social Assistance is a program designed to reengage veterans back into the community, and to encourage veterans to engage in social activities on a regular basis. This program is initially approved by a referral from the Veterans LMO or GP.

Personal Care includes assistance with daily self-care tasks that the veteran is unable to manage because of illness, disability or frailty, including things like dressing/grooming, such as the application of compression stockings, or the application of skin care creams and lotions (non-medicated), pressure area prevention aids, protective bandaging, fitting of aids/ appliances such as splints, callipers, assistance with eating, transferring, mobility, showering, bathing and toileting.

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Veterans Home Care
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