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Family Services

Improving the health and well-being of refugee and migrant families is the aim of MiCare’s Family Services program.

Every year, refugee and migrant families land in Australia from all over the world and with a vast range of experience. Some family members may struggle to deal with the consequences of their exposure to traumatic experiences and the resettlement process. They may find it difficult to understand the range of services available to help them here, or to understand the wider Australian settlement system, culture and way of life. All of these factors can impact on their health and well-being and ability to access relevant services and supports. 

Those facing additional issues, such as disability, family violence, homelessness and mental health issues are particularly vulnerable to family stress.

MiCare Family Services include:

MiCare works in partnerships with health, family, legal, community and disability support service providers to assist families across metropolitan Melbourne. 

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