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Chee's story

Chee has been volunteering with us since 2015. His simple outlook on volunteering inspires us to believe that each and every one of us also have the ability to be able to give back to our community.

Chee (pictured above centre with Vijay who is also a Community Friendly Visiting volunteer at MiCare) has been volunteering with us since 2015. Chee is born in Malaysia but undertook most of his schooling in the United States where he also worked for a while. In 1985, he migrated to Australia where he met his wife with whom he now has two sons with. When he speaks of his sons a beaming smile stretches across his face and he tells us how proud he is of them. ‘I believe as a parent I have brought them up to be prepared for independence and to have good values, which will help them be successful in life’.

He tells us because of this, he does not need to worry about his family and is able to dedicate more time to do other things he is passionate about, including volunteering. We admire Chee’s family orientated values, simple outlook on life and selfless, empathetic nature. He believes that anyone can volunteer, as long as they have the genuine desire to offer their time to help another person. Chee believes a person does not to be anything extraordinary to volunteer their time.

His current client is a gentleman who also comes from a Chinese background and is of similar age. Chee says that the similar cultural values and beliefs, as well as being similar age are significant parts that help to strengthen the foundation of their great friendship. He says they are able to reminisce about their childhood and exchange stories about growing up celebrating colourful events such as Chinese New Year.

We ask Chee what is the best part about being a volunteer? He says, ‘being able to see the genuine happiness in the client’s eyes and the shine behind their smile because of your efforts. That’s the greatest payment for a volunteer. You really don’t need anything more than that.’

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