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Vision & Values

MiCare believes that culture is important. We believe that people have a right to be respected and that differences should be celebrated.

In summary:

We believe that people have a right to be respected and that differences should be celebrated. We love to hear the stories of our Elders, whatever their origins, and to honour their language, their foods, and their wider culture.
MiCare works with new migrants coming into Australia and aims to provide them with meaningful skills and connections.
When it comes to our aged care services, MiCare follows the Polder Model, which is based on the Eden Alternative Concept. Our philosophy is based on building genuine relationships between our Elders and our staff. Our households are small – often only 15 or 20 people, and our carers are there to connect with the Elders, not merely be a medical and functional resource. While we have registered nursing staff on site, we approach our clients from the perspective of working with their skills and abilities, not concentrating on what they cannot do.

Our Mission

To enable migrants to have comfortable, enjoyable, dignified and meaningful lives

Our Ethos

Enabling you to live in your world, as we provide services that suit your culture, spirituality and language

Our Vision

To continue leading aged care through:

Our Values

We believe in the mutual expectation of acceptance, respect and fair treatment.
We will provide each other with the means and knowledge to make our own decisions and we will have confidence and trust in each other.
We accept the need for change to adapt to different conditions and circumstances as they occur;
We encourage staff, Elders and family to work together to build meaningful relationships.
We recognise the power of understanding, and imaginatively stepping into another person’s shoes; we acknowledge their feelings towards an object or person and in doing so share their happiness or sadness.


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